Physical trading is at the heart of Trident’s business, with trading offices in Shanghai & Houston.

Trident’s success as a trader of Oil & Gas products and bulk commodities is built upon a foundation of expertise. We combine the core competencies of marketing, logistics, financing, risk management and compliance with the knowledge and insights gained from sustainable supplier and customer relationships.


Having over 50 years in senior leadership positions within the commodity sphere, gives Trident the necessary skill set to implement and oversee the entire supply chain.

Whether you need market intelligence, how to best take a product to market, in-depth knowledge of other products & markets – let our advisory team come up with a strategy. 


Our long standing good relationships with ship owners allows us to achieve a better freight rate which in-turn allows us to give a landed price which is more competitive than others. Trident also has the knowledge and expertise to act as broker on vessels and cargoes while also handling all other post fixture and CP needs.


Through Trident’s global network of producers and sellers of products, we can source, price and provide volumes from spot shipments to long term contracts. 

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